Beware of Qatar based fake company BSD TOUCH, and


Some few weeks ago,I made a post regarding a job offer to me a company named BSDTourch with the website I want to categorically declared to you all that this company is FAKE and does not exist. They are pure scammers and fraudster. My own personal findings about their website revealed. Please be careful of this Job Scammers,The will offer you a job with a conditional offer letters that will mandate you to procure and funds your visa processing and flight ticket yourself and they will direct you to another website domain registered by them named where you will be prompted to pay for the visa and flight ticket processing right on their that website.

I have made my research regarding the website and can you imagine a company that has been existed for the past 15 years just put up a website 2 months ago,the age of their website is just 2 months old, with very less presence online. When they first contacted me and asked me to join their Facebook page, they have just 20 followers and immediately i raised an issue concerning the integrity of their company, they brought down the page or maybe they banned me from exposing them on the page.

There are so many fake companies like this that are only out there to scam desperate people who want to travel and work outside their countries shores looking for a greener pasture. All job and green pastures seekers should be very careful in order not to fall from frying pan to fires and not get burnt at the end.


General public should beware of this two website,They are have no job to offer you or no business at all whatsoever, they only care to scrap you off your hard earned money. Beware of and , They are FAKE.

This is one of their number and thats where i was interviewed via whatsApp +97466839600


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