Beware of Ritualists and Fraudsters from Ile-Ife, who use recharge card to catch their victims


In recent time, Nigerian scam kingpins and ritualist are upgrading in their approaches and style of catching their prey or victims. There has been report going around about some certain group of Fraudster from Ile-Ife, Osun State, Western part of Nigeria, who usually send recharge card to any number and whoever received the card and call them back to confirm if the recharge card was sent in error most times automatically becomes their victims or prey.

According to the a confirmed report from one of the victims, A Lagos State based Artiste, Narrated that , it all started like drama when he received some set of recharge cards from a particular number and he tried to call the number back to confirm if that wasn’t by mistake. He said immediately he called and the phone rang, a voice of an elderly man came up from the receiver’s end and he explained to him that some recharge cards was mistakenly sent to him. The man immediately felt amazed, thanking him and started praying for him for being sincere enough to return back the cards and not used them. After the prayer , the old man then told him to call him back in later in the evening of that day to tell him something very important.

The victim said he called back in the evening as promised and the man thanked him again and started giving him some very amazing prophecy that are very truthful, he said some of this prophecies he has heard before about him and he was thrown off balance, having no other choice than to believe all he said and solution he proffered. The next was the old man to asked him to come to Ile-Ife in order to seek some spiritual solution to the problems.

He said some days after he drove down to Ile-Ife to see the man on getting there there he did exactly what he was asked to do in terms of some spiritual sacrifices and he left.

He narrated that on the second day after he got back to his base in Lagos , the man who pretended dramatically to be an elderly man and have connection with the Ife Monarch called him again to tell him that he saw that there was a particular woman who is very close to him that has a kind of problem that can be easily be resolved by his IFA deity, then it strucked his mind that there is a particular friend of him, a lady who is based in Abuja and have fertility problem, he declared to the old man immediately and he was told to bring the woman.

He said he put a called to the woman friend and she agreed to come to Ile-Ife to seek solution to her long due problem. On getting to Ile-Ife, he said the old man asked them to do certain sacrifice that will cost them about 100k plus and he said at that point he started having doubting mind about the whole arrangement but the woman in the other had desperately believe all they said and started arranging the money in their presence.

He said the ritual and the sacrifices was offered and they both returned back to their base. He said, for more than two weeks after he was calling this woman friend but his calls was being ignored and after the second weeks when the call was eventually picked, she told him that the man and his cohorts called her that she should be very careful about him that she should stop talking to him that he is not meant well for her and asked her to divide into two part all the money he has in her bank account and send the other half to them in order to help her arrange what they terms as “OJA AREMO” which will be received from their deity and that will make her to have a child of her own.

He declared he wasn’t really sure if his Lady’s friend actually paid them because she refused to disclose that to him after her confession.

Another story going round the town now in audio has confirm this incident of this Fraudster and ritualist using recharge card as a bait to lured their victims, please find and listen to the audio below .

Everyone should be on alert these days because this set of criminals are graduating everyday , they are based in Ile-Ife in Osun State, If recharge card is sent to you mistakenly do not even bother to call the number back just keep it to be on the safer side. We sure hope the hand of our law enforcement agent will sure caught with all this Ile-Ife ritualist and fraudster.




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