Nigerian blogger turned full time Pastor, Olu Famous is fake

olu famous church

Nigerian blogger Olu famous who few months ago turned a pastor due to spiritual attacked he experienced after married his wife. He claimed his predicament and journey to become a Pastor was spearheaded from marrying a wrong wife who was sent to destroy his life and career by some evil forces.

Olu Famous who claimed to have made a lot of fortunes during his blogging career in his one of his testimony online, said he built a mansion and acquired more than four cars which he sold off during his marital turbulence.

He claimed he went to different spiritualist seeking solution to his predicament and finally he was told becoming a full time Pastor is the only solution to his problem, he said he surrendered because there was a long time prophecy that he was suppose to be a Pastor even from pregnancy.

Our Finding revealed that most of Olu famous claims of immense fortune while blogging was actually overrated and he just resolved to becoming a full time Pastor since he realized he is failing in his blogging career.

This is a flimsy excuse most Nigerian fake men of God put up to start churches joining the league of other Nigerian Pastors who has mastered the act of duping gullible Nigerian of their hard earned money.

Olu Famous has been asking Nigerian for donation to build his fraudulent church empire. This act of people putting up churches using flimsy excuses must be discourage in our societies.

Nigerian must wise up and watch out for this 419 who claimed to be a successful blogger, He is a fake Pastor and this act must be discouraged. We don’t need any more Pastor in Nigeria, We have had enough , we have even too much churches already.

Olu Famous has put up a bank account number online to collect donation from his gullible and unsuspecting prey , Nigeria should wise up this time as we don’t need these so called wolf in a sheep cloth in our society .

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