The factors that characterized African as people from shitholes and jungles


The latest comment of the President of United State of America, Donald Trump addressing African, especially Nigerian as people from a shithole countries has generated serious reactions and debate by African and Nigerian home and abroad. However this is not the first time Trump will altered such a statement so I don’t really know the difference or which one is better being called people from the jungles or shitholes.

President Trump had repeatedly insulted African even during his election campaign period and up till now he never relent. The question we now sincerely ask ourselves is, Was Trump right or not given us this insulting names? and why?
In my own opinion, President Donald is very right because there are all indications pointing out Nigeria or Africa at large as jungle or a shithole.

Any country that allows religious belief to dictate the pace and bane of its development will find it difficult to record any significant growth. African especially Nigerian spent most of their productive time and hours praying instead of indulging in critical thinking of how to solve their fundamental problems .

Nigerian and other African countries religious leader , Pastors , Bishops and what have you had stylishly introduced a monetized doctrines leveraging on people’s predicaments and artificial poverty created by political leaders and forced on them through corruption. The African Pastors through their doctrine has completely brainwashed their followers making them believe that their problems was as a result of one evil or diabolical spirit or the others suggesting that the only way to escape from all their problems is to sow seeds to God and pay tithe and offering . This kind of doctrine has made most African so docile,lazy and unable to read in between lines relying on miracles from God as the solution to their numerous artificial problems.

Nigerian politician also on discovering religion as a weakness of their people using it as weaponry dividing them along religious line during election for their own self gains. If you look through most advanced Nations in the West, they were able to achieved much because they are less religious and believe in the solving their basic problems through critical thinking, culture of orderliness and hard-work.

Tribalism is another problem that has given African especially Nigerian a great set back and another reason for being termed people from the jungles or shitholes. Nigerian never agreed on anything when it comes to tribal issues. Our diversity instead of being a blessing to us has rather turns to a curse. Tribalism is another instrument of divide and rule style use by Nigerian politicians to perpetrate evils of corruption leaving their people in abject poverty.

The father of all the characteristics of shitholes or jungles countries is corruption through stealing , embezzlement of public funds and nepotism. Corruption is a big problem in Nigeria because an average Nigerian is corrupt minded , from the civilian to the Police, to the Para military and the Military.

Even the religious places especially churches where the Pastors are living a very luxurious lifestyles at the expense of their members who are mostly the downtrodden using the sermon of unrealistic hope to defraud them of their hard earn income through tithe , offering and different type seed sowing with the promise of greater rewards from God.

Nigerian justice system is so backward and retarded because most Judges are so corrupt and bought up by the elites and rich politicians, therefore causing perversion and biases in the course of justice. The police , the Customs and all the anti-graft organizations are all part of this corruption.

With all the these evidences, would it be wise enough to say that the talkative and very blunt President of United States, Donald Trump made a mistake for calling African countries a shitholes or jungles?

This should serve as a wake up call for Nigerian and Africans in general most especially the youth to rise up to the task of defending their common destiny and define their existence by abandoning and relegating their habit of religiosity to the background, forget about ethnicity and tribalism,fight corruption to stand still in order to redeem their image and to earn respect back from around the world.

In as much as religion, tribal sentiment and corruption continue to reign in Nigeria and Africa then we should expect more insults, names calling and less respect from more sensible people from other part of the World.

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