How to discover fake employment agencies, HR or consultant companies in Dubai or in United Arab Emirates

fake employment

Anyone who have been to Dubai or around United Arab Emirates seeking employment now would have noticed how difficult it is to secure a job these days and this have paved  way for emergence of numerous fake and time-wasting jobs offers being circulated mostly on online by fake employment agencies, HR companies or consultants

The primary motive of all these dubious employment agencies is nothing but to dupe prospecting and deliberate job candidates of their hard-earned money. Many people from different races has fallen a victim and got their fingers burnt through these fake and irresponsible employment agency.

Due to different narrated stories from victims of this job scam and to serve as a warning to innocent people on visit visa to Dubai and other United Emirates Cities who may one way or the other seeking employment, You are advised to look into the following observations. if you ever noticed any of the points below in your employment agency then be well assured that you are in the wrong place and about to become a victim of job or employment scam.

  1.  Most fake employment agencies, consultants or HR company will advertised their jobs offer on employment sites or job board leaving their phone numbers asking you to call or sending them message on Whats App.
  2.  Fake job offer from fake HR company,agencies or consultants mostly comes with over blotted or bogus promises .
  3.  They may asked for your CV or Resumes but they never care about the content or how the job offered is related to your previous job experience.
  4.  They request certain amount of money from you either for processing of your Visa or for some other ridiculous purposes.
  5. If you decides to pay them the money they asked for and asked for receipt, they never willing to provide any instead given your excuse that the real job owner should not be aware of them collecting money from you.
  6.  Most of the scam job peddlers, Fake HR company or consultants in the Dubai or United Arab Emirates are mostly PAKISTANI OR INDIAN they come with a very sweet mouth and some of them known are : GOLDEN FALCON HR RESOURCES( and FSG CONSULTANCY SERVICES both located in Dubai U.A.E and both owned Pakistani.
  7.  Most fake job agencies, consultants or HR company will never have a functional website or definite online presence and if they ever have, it would look shambled with no concrete information about their company.
  8. Once you paid them the requested sum of money for the job, they may give you an offer letter, assuring you that your employment visa will start processing and would be out in couple of days and still keeping up with you till that last day promised before they finally switched of their phones.
  9.  Most of this fake employment agencies truly have licence and some even have offices but yet they have nothing to offer you other than to collect your money and disappears. so don’t let their fake offices deceives you.
  10. And finally if it looks too good to believe , never believe it because it can never be real, be on the look out, be vigilant and never fall a victim. Good luck!
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