FUNNY VIDEO: This guy confesses to killing Tupac and Biggie

guy who said he killed Tupac and Biggie

The killer of Tupac and Biggie has already been revealed , this guy says he killed them all, How did he do it?

Watch the Video and find out:



Guy: [Rapping]: I killed tupac and I killed biggie; I killed them all ‘çause they can’t contain my rap game; bla, bla, bla.. çause I kill you all now….

Judges: heeeeey… No, no, no, Calm down. You killed who?

Guy: It’s just a lyric. Don’t fear.

Judges: Lyric? Your lyric will put you in trouble. You have to be very careful. You don’t just go about saying things that you don’t know.

Guy: Rap game….. bla bla bla.

Judges: Ok. How old are you?

Guy: I’ve been in this game for more than 20 years.

Judges: How old are you?

Guy: I’m 15 years old.

Judges: What?

Guy: Just forget my age. Just focus on how long I’ve been in the game.

Judges: Then, you know Tupac, you know Snoop Dogg, you know 50 cent.

Guy: By the grace of God, we met in the State.

Judges: Ooooh. Which state?

Guy: Akwa Ibom

Judges: [laugh…] This guy, you’re just a joker. You know what, just go, we’ll get back to you. Take you leave jare. We’ll get back to you. Thank you very much.

Guy: Alright, expecting your call soonest. Bruv… bless.

Judges: By the grace of God, you will never receive our call… Amen!


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