God doesn’t care about Nigeria anymore, God is done with Nigeria.


It was another sad day for the family of Mr Oke our Yoruba language teacher while a secondary school student at Methodist high School Ilesa, Osun State Nigeria. The death of this vibrant and noble teacher was announced in our old student group early today and it felt so sad that his early exit was as a result of an accident along the ever blood shocking and death trap set up by Nigerian Government in collaboration with Nigerian psychopathic Pastors or Men of God who has refused to preached the real truth love of God to their various congregations instead result in deceiving them with miraculous prosperity preaching and aiding the spreading and encouragement of witches and wizard in our society.

Thousands of Nigerian had lost their life and life of love ones on different death trap called highway set up by Nigerian government. Many have became widow and widowers, thousand of children had turned an orphan and many have been rendered permanently disabled.

The worst of it all is that when such an occurrence is recorded, the gullible,religious dumb asses and hypocritic Nigerian will quickly concluded that ‘it is the will of God’ . Please tell me is the sudden and painful death of Mr Oke who left his house and told his family he was traveling but ended up his life along Lagos Ibadan-express way on death trap set by Nigerian government witches and wizard to suck the blood of innocent Nigerian a Natural or God wishes death? No!

Nigerian should continue in their prayer mode and forever continuing dying total silent. If Nigerian like they should go to the seventh heaven to render prayer to savage Nigeria, God doesn’t care! In fact God is already tired of Nigeria case, God is completely fed up. God does not operates where there is disorderliness and darkness, Nigeria is darkness ravaging country and without order because at the creation of heaven and earth the first thing God created was light as the spirit of God doesn’t operate in darkness and disorderliness.

Nigerian, especially the youth should rise up, wrestle and savage this country from blood sucking politicians who sold the destiny of their citizenry to Nigerian psychopathic Pastors who manipulate their life making them believe there is always one evil spirit in form of witches and wizard that is behind their predicament therefore capitalizing on their weakness to defraud them of their money through tithe, offering and seed sowing . Isn’t it obvious that God is tired of Nigeria ? Because he has given us all we needed to to be a great nation but we as country refused to utilized the great resources and beautiful atmosphere given to us to be of benefit to the whole country because of corruption.

I pray for the repose of our gentle Yoruba language teacher, Mr. Oke , may God comfort the family he left behind and may Nigerian receive senses soon.

Stb Marvel.

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