I am very rich , I need a man who can take me to climax always-Nigerian Lady

a lady need a strong man
We received this letter from one of our reader, a lady to be precise, who asked Marvel Naija to please her publish the following post .
We are actually left with no choice to help her make her dream comes true.
If you think you are the right man for her comment your email address and phone number , she will contact you .. Congrats in advance.


“Dear Marvel Naija Admin

Kindly help me publish this because it so important to me.

My name is Priscilla, I am from Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria  living  in Abuja.  I am into Oil and Gas business and very  rich.

What I am about to say here might look somehow embarrassing and my bring about a lot of public criticism but i care less because this is my life and i chose how to live it .

Back to the basic  I am seriously in Need of a man.  I mean a very strong man  from any tribe and Nationality who can handle me aggressively well in bed.

I have a very high huge when it comes to sex and I need a man who can hold me sexually for a very long hours everyday .

As i said earlier,  I am a very rich woman myself.  I have everything you can call comfort and I am ready to spoil any man who makes me happy  with anything, I mean I will do anything to make him too happy and fulfilled in Life.

I really need a man who can take me to the climax always and this might even at the end lead to marriage.

You have everything to gain , my late parent left me with a lots of properties that i can’t even handle and I myself had already wealthy enough  .

As I said earlier I don’t care what anybody think about this or have to say . This is my life , If you think you are the right man for me , please just leave a comment with your whatsapp number and email address in the comment box and I will contact you as soon as possible .”

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