SHOCKING! Kedder,a German lady gave birth to German shepherd puppies in South Africa(Photo&Video)

Kedder,German lady gives birth to german sheperd puppies in south africa

A 24-years-old German lady by the name Kedder, who visited Stellenbosch, South Africa on tourism purpose has been reported to have given birth to what seems like a German shepherd puppies after she was hospitalised for severe stomach aches.

It was a big shock for the Doctors at Western Cape Private Hospital to see Kedder goes into labour as she wasn’t aware she was pregnant.

“It was even more of a shock when three tiny puppies came out instead of a baby,” said Dr. Brown of the Medical Center where Kedder gave birth to her ‘puppies’.

“To be honest, we didn’t know this was possible. It’s both a marvel of modern medicine and extremely disturbing at the same time.

Kedder actually admitted that she has been having sex with her family dog while she was home because she has been unable to find a DATE

According to her, she said it all started when my her parents moved to a new location while they were still in Germany, ” I lost my job and my boyfriend also dumped me” said Keddar.

“I didn’t have time to meet any new guys while I was applying for jobs, so I would sometimes have sex with Jonsey our dog, just to relieve myself of too much stress. I don’t think it was wrong. He’s a big dog, and he wasn’t hurt by it. In fact, he really seemed to like it.”

“I know I did. And besides, back in our country having sex with an animal is not a crime, and I don’t giving birth to an animal would either be a crime here provided the act wasn’t committed in this country,” she said.”

However, Dr. Brown noted that , Kedder’s birth is the first on record for an inter-species relationship.

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